Exam review to short? Copy your exam!

Exam review to short? Copy your exam!

At the TU Darmstadt, there are rough guidelines on how to proceed when reviewing exams (German: Klausureinsicht).

The procedure differs from department to department and the time necessary to deal with a complex exam in detail is not always granted. Especially when you have failed an exam, this is very annoying. If one could examine the exam in peace, it would be possible to ensure that the corrections were proper and to learn from one’s mistakes for the next time.

Apart from the General Examination Regulations (APB), there is another possibility to review the exams. The key results from the application of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO). In this case, the University is treated as a body that processes personal data.

All it takes is a short e-mail to: hochschulrecht-studium@tu-darmstadt.de

The content of the message could be something like:

Dear Sir or Madam,

On [xth of September], I took part in the exam [math 101] In the meantime, the results have been published in TUCaN.

With reference to the ECJ ruling described here (https://www.lto.de/recht/studium-referendariat/s/examen-pruefungen-einsicht-eugh-klausuren/) and the EU Data Protection Regulation that has come into force in the meantime, I would like to inspect the examination and hereby request a copy of the corrected examination. This request is being made independently of any inspection appointments at the department.

Yours sincerely

First name Last name
Matriculation No.: …
Course of study: …

If you then want to request a new correction of your exam, it is best to write to the department that set the exam.

We have already successfully gone through this procedure several times. If the university suddenly refuses the copy, please contact FACHWERK.